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By | 15th November 2019

What a busy week it has been at The Jewellery Vault for me here in the Scarborough Market Vaults. 

Let me tell you about the feature photograph as there is a little story behind it. Can anyone guess what the stone is?

Yes, it’s Sea glass, of course it is.

Just a worthless bit of normal glass, probably from a bottle which has been tossed around in the sea for years.

It will have been washed in and out on the tides of Scarborough’s beaches, rattling around alongside the pebbles and shells.

Over time, the shiny glass will turn opaque and get a rougher feel to it giving it rather an attractive look. This is often used in jewellery making.

As the worn glass can become brittle during its time in the sea, it can break quite easily when drilled.  For this reason, it lends itself nicely to a wire wrapped technique.

This piece from today was collected by a little boy during the summer when having a day out on the beach. I did indeed promise, that I would design a piece of handmade jewellery with it for him to give to his mum.

To be honest, I had quite forgotten about the handful of sea glass that I had been given to choose from, but came across it when having a bit of a sort out today.

After a bit of copper wire wrapping and the addition of a fancy rose gold plated chain, we have a bespoke pendant necklace to give as a very personalised gift.

If you have a stone, pebble or favourite piece of sea glass that you like making into a piece of handmade costume jewellery, then you know where to come.

Pop into The Jewellery Vault in the Scarborough Market Vaults and I will see what I can do to design your very own bespoke item of handmade jewellery.

I promise however, that you won’t have to wait six months for it!

A week or so maybe. Sorry Hunter for the long wait!  I hope that your mum enjoys wearing her new necklace.








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