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By | 29th November 2019

Hello, it’s been a while since my last post, so a little catch up is in order methinks. So what has been happening at The Jewellery Vault in The Scarborough Market Vaults recently?

It has been full steam ahead in the preparations for Christmas in my handmade costume jewellery world. Thankfully the decorations inside and outside of my jewellery shop are now all completed, and things are looking very prettily festive.

It is great fun decorating, but very hard work and I am pleased to be all set up and ready as December arrives.

With that thought in mind, one of my front window displays is set up in the colour Turquoise to celebrate the arrival of this lovely December Birthstone.

Did you know that Turquoise was the first gemstone to be mined and takes its name from its country of origin, yes you guessed, Turkey.

I think that I shall be putting a bit of effort into creating a few new jewellery designs in this beautiful, bold colour over the next week or so and hopefully fill up the Turquoise section in store with lots of pretty new things.

If you do have a December birthday then wear something Turquoise to celebrate. Pop by The Jewellery Vault and check out what is on offer in your Birthstone colour.

Perhaps we should have a little promotional offer set up to help you celebrate.. I’ll give that some thought…



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