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Easing Lockdown

By | 28th May 2020

Hello. Time is passing quickly don’t you think? Yes we are approaching the month of June and it really is beginning to look like summer. As with most of us right now, the mainly topic of conversation is Covid-19 and what happens next.  Things are moving along rather briskly in that regard and we are now looking at… Read More »

May Birthstone – The Emerald

By | 1st May 2020

May has arrived.  Where on earth did April go? Yes, it’s the beginning of a brand new month and for those born in the month of May you have the pleasure of enjoying the Emerald as your birthstone. Such a beautiful stone with great qualities, but most of all it is the prettiest colour, don’t you just love… Read More »

Work In Progress – Artwork- Mural

By | 25th April 2020

Hi there. Just a short update for you on my work at The Jewellery Vault this week. Yes I have been rather busy with the paintbrush! Talk about getting carried away with your Art, I have ended up with a bit of a mural! Now it’s not quite finished yet but I just thought it would be nice… Read More »

Making Progress @ The Jewellery Vault

By | 23rd April 2020

As the lockdown progresses and life moves on albeit a bit differently, I am making plans for what happens next in my handmade costume jewellery world. This week I have spent a bit of time at the shop and have started work on moving things around, painting and for the most part, making a right old mess! Yes,… Read More »

Stay Strong – April Diamonds

By | 19th April 2020

Are we feeling strong? We are half way through the month of April and hopefully keeping ourselves busy, staying safe, keeping fit and managing ourselves wisely at this challenging time in our lives. We are approaching the beginning of week 5 of lockdown and a routine is developing in my life, how about yours? Ok, let’s think about… Read More »