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Back To Work @ The Jewellery Vault

By | 14th June 2020

It’s the evening before 15th June 2020 and tomorrow is a brave new day in the non essential retail world. Yes we are allowed to reopen our shops to the public as the Covid-19 lockdown eases. We are not out of the woods yet though as a new kind of normal shopping experience begins.  We are all asked… Read More »

June Progress – Shop reopening time

By | 8th June 2020

We are already done with the first week in June and our lockdown is beginning to ease. The good news from a business point of view is that we are allowed to reopen our shops as from 15th June. Now I know that it’s not going to suit everyone just yet, and that some people are still not… Read More »

Easing Lockdown

By | 28th May 2020

Hello. Time is passing quickly don’t you think? Yes we are approaching the month of June and it really is beginning to look like summer. As with most of us right now, the mainly topic of conversation is Covid-19 and what happens next.  Things are moving along rather briskly in that regard and we are now looking at… Read More »

The New “Normal” @ The Jewellery Vault

By | 11th May 2020

Hello, how are you keeping?  Yes it’s a phrase we are all using regularly right now. Feeling well and rather refreshed myself if I’m honest. The world is changing and we are adapting to the “new normal”. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you will know that I am progressing nicely with my mini refresh… Read More »

May Birthstone – The Emerald

By | 1st May 2020

May has arrived.  Where on earth did April go? Yes, it’s the beginning of a brand new month and for those born in the month of May you have the pleasure of enjoying the Emerald as your birthstone. Such a beautiful stone with great qualities, but most of all it is the prettiest colour, don’t you just love… Read More »