Garnet – The January Birthstone

By | 6th January 2020

Hello January and a big welcome to the new decade which is 2020.

Lets look forward to lots of lovely new happenings at The Jewellery Vault throughout the year starting off with our January birthstone, the Garnet.

Most commonly we recall the colour Red when we think of the Garnet, but what I didn’t realise was, they come in many colours except apparently Blue.

Well I am happy to celebrate the month of January on a Red theme as in addition to the Garnet birthstone, we have the Chinese New Year beginning on 25th January. Of course, the colour Red will appear massively in Chinese celebrations for approximately 15 days commencing on 25th January.

So if you have a January Birthday, celebrate with the colour Red in mind and wear your Garnets if you can. If not, in the costume jewellery style, wear your red beads or crystals instead.

Perhaps I will make up some new Red jewellery designs at The Jewellery Vault alongside a few Chinese creations.  Did you know that 2020 is the year of the Rat?

The Red theme will continue into February too with Valentines Day just around the corner ❤️.

We have a busy couple of months ahead, just how I like it.

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