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By | 10th February 2020

What a grim couple of days we have had weather wise! A very stormy time for just about everyone in the UK. Yes it makes you want to stay at home and take up an indoor hobby, so crafting has been in my thoughts for my 2 days off.

You may be aware that I am currently involved in a little project at The Scarborough Market Vaults which involves casual table hire to crafty people.  Well you will be pleased to know that our unit is ready and will be hired out for the first time this week 🎉🎉

We have our first customer who will be selling her handmade canvas art, prints and posters from our Variety Vault in the centre aisle of the Market Vaults.

We have already taken several bookings and hopefully the unit will be filled with crafty sellers over the coming months and become the place to be for anyone who is interested in promoting and selling their handmade products.

If you are a lover of Artisan designs and handmade items, then why not join our Vaults Crafters Community. The unit is available for daily hire and will also be used for craft workshops and act as a meeting place for our craft group when not in use as a selling area.

Hence the name “Variety Vault” as we will be using the space for a variety of Artisan and Craft related events.

Hopes for the future are that a further unit will become available to use in a similar way, next time on a larger scale.  So we are excited about how things go with this little project and look forward to seeing lots of lovely craft workers frequenting the Market Vaults regularly.

Watch out for more updates on this project and get in touch with me at The Jewellery Vault if you are interested in joining any of our crafty activities, or if you wish to hire a casual table.

Exciting times ahead for our new venture which will hopefully grow into something special on the Scarborough crafty calendar.


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