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By | 30th November 2018

What a busy day I have had.  It is the end of the month which, of course, means that our new Campaign For Colour has begun.

Turquoise is our chosen colour for December, so today at The Jewellery Vault in The Scarborough Market Vaults, it has been a day for moving displays around and doing a bit of cleaning and tidying.

Not one of my favourite jobs (the cleaning part that is), but as a one person business, all of the rubbish jobs are mine to do (no delegating in my world).  Creating new displays however is a nice little challenge.

One of the things I often get complimented on in my shop is the way that everything is organised, well stocked and beautifully displayed, and indeed I am obviously very proud of that. ☺️

More work tomorrow on my website when I will be uploading some more products for you to check out, so it will be on with my photographers hat!

My new online chat facility has now been added to my site too which is quite exciting, and the email messaging system is up and running, so feel free to check this out with any product enquiries or comments.

Technology really is great don’t you think..

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The Jewellery Vault

Dangly EarringsDangly Earrings

Earrings of a dangly design are our most popular seller.  When you visit The Jewellery Vault you will see that we have a lots of different styles in stock. They may be beaded, pearly, sparkly, Rose Gold, charmed, feathery, gemstone, the list goes on…. Anything goes with a drop design.!

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4 thoughts on “A shopkeepers life – Handmade – Costume Jewellery – Scarborough

      1. praymond2012

        yes i do, i really like your posts and im hoping to read more and follow what yo do in your shop. I know youre based down at the Scarborough market hall and vaults… well actually in the vaults its self…

        1. Madebymags Post author

          Yes indeed I am. Great place to work and of course shop for those unusual and unique gifts.


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